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Contact Parking Services

Blackhawk Commons Lower Level
Phone: (920) 424-4455
Fax: (920) 424-0906

Office Hours:
7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Parking Regulations

Permit Parking Only
Parking regulations are enforced year-round, even when classes are not in session.

Weekend Parking Rules
Parking in any legal, non-reserved space is FREE from 4 p.m. on Friday through 6 a.m. on Monday.

Resident Student Permits

Parking permits for students living in residence halls are limited and sold on a seniority/lottery basis. Resident permits are assigned on the basis of the applicant’s class standing: graduate students and seniors receive permits first, then juniors, etc. The first class where there are not enough permits available to cover every applicant from that class shall be placed in the lottery and only that class will go into the lottery.

Application materials for resident parking permits are emailed to UW Oshkosh email addresses during the beginning of July each year. Applications must be received in our office by July 31, with a subsequent lottery drawing held during the beginning of August. The application material will include information that will explain the different permits and the requirements for submitting a request in order to be included in the permit lottery.

Students not drawn in the lottery will be notified of alternative off-campus parking options and may contact Parking Services by email to request placement on a waiting list. Anyone wishing to apply for a permit who has not received the emailed application by mid-July may contact our office at or (920) 424-4455 to request the application.

As of late November, all the resident type permits are sold out. You may request to be placed on waiting lists but must specify which permit types to include. Please check the options and email us your request to Placement on any waiting list is not a guarantee that a permit will become available.

In addition, these are the off-campus parking options that we are aware exist:

City of Oshkosh Police will provide overnight street parking with the purchase of a permit. Permits must be purchased the first working Monday of every month and the quantity is limited. Cost is $10 per month. For further details, call 920-236-5700 or visit their website at

UAW Union Hall located at 1118 High Avenue has a limited number of spaces available in their lot. For more information, call 920-231-3260.

Premium Resident


Premium Resident permits (second level only, covered parking in the High Avenue Parking Ramp) are available yearly.

Regular Resident


Regular Resident permits are available on a yearly basis.

These permits are valid in four areas:

  • Lot 5a (by the ERIC lab)
  • Lot 18 (by Scott Hall)
  • Lot 30 (large lot by Gruenhagen)
  • Third level of the High Avenue Parking Ramp (uncovered section, spaces 281 and above)

Other resident permits (valid ONLY in assigned lot) are available on a seniority/lottery basis:

  • Lot 37 (behind Lincoln Hall, near Horizon Village) – $325
  • Lot 35 (next to AxleTech) – $225
  • Lot 39 (across the river) – $200
  • Lot 40 (behind AxleTech) – $175

The rear of the vehicle must be parked toward the drive lane (do not back in or pull through to the other side).

Permits are never to be transferred or sold to another person but may be transferred to another vehicle with prior permission of Parking Services.

Please refer to the map for resident lot locations.


A prorated refund may be issued for the return of an identifiable portion of the parking decal.

Fees are subject to change.